You are visiting the official site for the one-off studio project of Justin Peroff & Dylan Hudecki. This collaboration manipulation features a slew of Toronto boys and girls, and 11 beautiful tracks. For the BSS super-fans and fact checkers, this record was recorded just months before "You Forgot it in People" and introduced the band to Stars and Suns studio's Dave Newfeld.
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The album is out and available at iTunes, Dependent, HMV and your local stores nationwide. It 's distributed and available by Outside Music.
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Pande (Justin Peroff) had come back from touring with the "Do make say Think" boys and Broken Social Scene started to play some shows. Blue Jeans (Dylan Hudecki) had just become a Rock'n'Roll bassist for By Divine Right. They found each other at creative highs and decided to utilize this in each other. They went on intuition & inspiration, and pressed record immediately. This was an intimate experience. Some show and tell moments of past and present creations occurred and they became fans of each other. They put their noise makers to rest for hiatus, audio became visual and art shows ensued. They became bigger fans of each other! "Lets crack open our phone books!" they exclaimed. The puzzle pieces started to fall into place as horn, string, and guitar players filed through the door. They put the pieces together on Graham's G3/Cubase. Some lovely vocals and keyboards were added. Finally a trip to digital d's "Star's & Sun's" was in order. Beats were provided, keys were fun, "Hey, is that a zither?" Editing was tedious, and before they knew it they were mastering the final line-up. Done and done, the record is done. A visit to the logohoax house of graphic design and the compact disc is ready to be pressed. Fast forward a year and half>>>funds, a label (Dependent) and a distributor (Outside) are all found, and that's the story of Junior Blue.

- by Junior Pande (Justin Peroff)


juniorblue CD cover


"...its variety and musical inventiveness keep you more engaged than the "ambient" label would warrant. Aside from the five-minute introduction, a sound collage called "Cabs (Day One)", and the stately-tempoed "Gold", many of the pieces are short. "Complete Breakdown" layers a breathy trumpet over a gently percussive guitar. "She" starts off like a sounding like a jam session, but gains momentum into a ragged, bluesy thing. Guitar strings peal like church bells on "Sleeping Through Alarm Clocks". This album has a dreamlike quality, but not a sedative one - there's a sense of direction and control. This is more like a lucid dream, one that avoids the both the psyche's dark corners (where bands like GY!BE dwell) and its shallow indulgences (sweet syrup like Enya). Perhaps that's why the word "search" appears in the title - this isn't aimless meandering. A tasteful balance of electronic atmospherics, sampled dialogue, and rock instruments. It's engrossing from beginning to end, and reveals more with every listen. I hope this synergy of musicians wasn't a one-off, but if they never collaborate again, there's enough here to enjoy for a long while."
Jon Parker-musicemmisions.com

"This so-called "collaboration manipulation" by members of Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think and By Divine Right is a decidedly serene affair. Recorded over four months in a lo-fi home studio setting, In The Search Of Solid Gold is a nebulous but well-structured excursion into ambient aural dreamscapes. This disc shares many similiarities with Broken Social Scene's much-adored You Forgot It In People album: alluring downtempo beats, lush, haunting strings and sustained notes and chords that linger for an eternity. Multi-band collaborations like this often degenerate into sloppy sonic goop, but while there are meandering moments here, the sum of the parts makes for an enticing listen.
Darrin Keene. Chart Magazine



telephone wires

Telephone Wires - Quicktime 7.46MB
directed by Steve Munday & the dill

download >>


Jam1 - Quicktime 20.3MB
directed by the Dill

download >>


She (feat. Kevin Drew) - MP3 4.88MB - download >>

Sleeping Through Alarm Clocks - MP3 3.62MB - download >>


-----THE PLAYERS>>>>>>>>

from left to right then down etc: Dylan Hudecki, Justin Peroff, Graham Walsh, Kevin Drew, Dave Newfeld, Kristen Hudecki, Jose Contreras, Brian Borcherdt, Lisa McIssac, Brendan Canning, Chris Mills, Colleen Hixenbaugh, Brian Cram, Shinsuke Matsuda, Stella Luna.[missed photoday:Martin Stieb, Caroline Ross, John Hall, Steve Munday, Audrey Bankley]

BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE ---- justin(junior pande) played drums and keys amoungst other things. brendan canning, kevin drew, dave neufeld played keys, guitar, and sang
BY DIVINE RIGHT ---- dill(blue jeans), jose, b2, colleen, johnny, all played
HOLY FUCK ---- graham walsh & brian borcherdt played integral roles in this record
BRIANCRAM ---- brian played all horns
THE DILL---- the dill's new music
JAMES MEJIA---- James help design this site
KNOW OFF HAND ---- Paul Watson designed the album art



acoustic guitar, vintage drums (1set), vintage keyboards (roland, korg), organ, electric guitars, bass guitar, trumpet/muted, violin, kids toys, keyboards and shakers. A bukela, pan flute, voices, clava, zither, wammy pedal, auto-harp, megaphone, pedals, computer voice, windchimes.


9 months. 4months casual home recording and editing, 4 months casual studio recording at Stars & Sons, editing, mixing, mastering, 1 month design and layout.

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